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Mar 2020

Finance Analytics

Analyzed time-series data of stocks for stock returns, volatility calculations, OLS, back testing, predictive, along with quantopian research.


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Apr 2019

AWS Redshift Cluster Analysis

Extracted data from ZAGI database in PostgreSQL server, load into AWS S3, then Redshift using Python

PostgreSQL, Python, S3, Redshift

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May 2019

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Analyzed tweets of 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates from Apr 4-11 uniformly by state, and tweets from the candidates' personal Twitter accounts from Nov 1 - Mar 31


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Feb 2019

Neural Networks

Multilayer perceptron (feed forward neural network) with hidden layers on iris dataset; CNN for image classification in MNIST, SVHN, and pet dataset

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Oct 2018

Heart Disease Risk Factors

Employed machine learning, ensemble, and statistical analysis for feature selection and tuned models for predicting heart disease with 93% accuracy

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